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Developed for use with CCSS training, workshops and presentations

In this Inspiration self-paced module you will learn to use basic Inspiration software skills to quickly and easily create, edit, format, and print Inspiration presentations; communicate your ideas; and share information with others inside and outside of your classroom.

LACOE course for users of OneNote

This course is designed for LACOE employees who access e-mail from within the forewall on the LACOE domain.

This course is designed for LACOE employees who access e-mail from within the forewall on the LACOE domain.

This workshop is for Outlook 2010 users interested in using the application, improve organization and increase efficiency.  The following topics and more will be covered in the workshop:

Use of Categories to stay organized
Use of Tasks
Linking Outlook items to OneNote
Sharing Contacts
Customize Ribbons
Use Flags to organize work flow

This is an internal training for staff working for the Los Angeles Office of Education.

A course for educators new to SMART technology.

A course for educators new to SMART technology.

This ITO Workshop provides resources for intermediate to advanced users of SMART Notebook software.

A basic level of understanding of the SMART Notebook is required.

Ideally, participants have been using SMART Notebook software on a regular basis prior to attending.

Effective implementation of the California Common Core State Standards requires support on multiple fronts, including the area of technology, digital literacy, and contextualized tasks for students that effectively engage 21st Century Learners. This session will focus on Web 2.0 tools that will engage students and provide a deeper understanding of the types of tasks and tools that promote student achievement.

Presenter: Michele Parga (ITO), Jeff Williams (ITO)

This presentation will focus on researched-based practices and strategies supporting the blended and online learning environment ranging from the Flipped classroom to facilitating online learning communities. Participants will explore what "makes" an effective online learning environment. Experience the dynamic and creative world of blended and online learning.

Presenter: Michele Parga (ITO), Jeff Williams (ITO)

It is cloudy today.  No, not the weather, this reference is to where you create, store and access your files.Google Docs allows for collaborative and private cloud computing access.

Welcome to a cloud environment.  In this course, you will experience a digital life using cloud computing.

A brief tutorial on creating maps in Google Maps and downloading the KML file for use in Google Earth.Guest log ins are allowed but an enrollment key is required. Your facilitator will provide the enrollment key for you.

Course Development - Michael Nunn is a development area for creating course content.