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This course is an introduction to the field of Anthropology. As a broad and diverse discipline, Anthropology aims to construct a holistic understanding of the human species by integrating research on the cultural, biological, evolutionary, linguistic and historical aspects of our kind. Anthropology's array of subdisciplines contributes to this in different ways. Biological Anthropology aims to understand the origin and evolution of our species using fossils, material remains (stone tools), and genetics. By studying monkeys and apes, primatologists contribute both insights into the life ways of our ancestors, and important perspectives on those aspects of our bodies and minds that make our species such a unique part of nature. Archaeologists trace our ancient history by studying the spread of humans across the globe and the emergence of agriculture, complex societies, and "civilizations”. Sociocultural and linguistic anthropologists study living cultures and languages close up, usually by living as a member of a particular human community. In the process they document in detail the incredible diversity of human life ways, modes of thought, beliefs and languages. By focusing on diversity, this works lays a foundation for understanding the universal underpinning of our societies, cultures, and languages. 

It is a course designed to expose students to a broad range of issues and information relating to the various aspects of personal health, which include the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and environmental aspects.